KIWI GOLF was founded on the principle that there are better equipment solutions for high performance golf

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In a head to head test against the leading tees on the market, Firecracker won with every participant in every category

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The Test Results for the NEW Kiwi Firecracker Tee are in and they are IMPRESSIVE!!! They took every participant in every category hands down!





Bruce Bickhaus, Fairview, Tx

IMG_3403Dear Mr. Bowen

Last month my neighbor and I were playing a round of golf with a buddy from Dallas, Tx. During the round I noticed this odd looking golf tee he was using. He had several, and he asked if we would like to try one. I noticed, almost immediately, that it was much easier to stick in the ground because of its large cradle and ridgedness. We continued to use the tee for the rest of the round, and offered to give them back. He said, “no” he had several more.

My neighbor liked his so well that he ordered a sleeve of six from your company, and I did the same a few weeks later. Now I have seven, the one I was given, and the six new ones (still in the box) that I ordered. I’M STILL PLAYING with the one I was given back in late May. That’s at least 15 rounds using the same tee. The darn thing is indestructible. I don’t use it for par 3 iron shots however. I use old broken wooden ones for those shots

I guess it’s a good news, bad news scenario. Good for me because I may never have to buy another tee. Bad for you because I may never have to buy another tee.

Anyway Mr. Bowen. Thanks for listening to my attempt at humor, but more importantly, thanks for providing us with a really, really nice product.

Bruce Bickhaus
Fairview, Tx

Darryl Hubbard


I gave one of the Firecracker tees to my golf buddy at the beginning of a round and, yep, we still had the same tees at the end of our round. Interesting to note when I teed up the ball at my usual height it went higher than I like BUT when teeing it down more, I hit a beautiful low boring shot with more distance than I’m used too. So cool! Now trying to figure out how to get more tees.

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